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PANATHINAIKOS BC has proven and continues to prove that it is close to the community and society at large and returns in every way possible the love that people has been showing the team all these years. 

One of the main programs that knows no boundaries is «One Team» - Basketball is Everywhere. Panathinaikos BC Superfoods in cooperation with the governing body Euroleague dynamically participates in the program that the objective is to help vulnerable social groups. Panathinaikos BC Superfoods for the last three years has chosen to work with the Juvenile Detention Centre in Corinth. Through basketball juvenile detainees (15-18eton age) receive knowledge of the sport and will learn values such as teamwork, cooperation, solidarity and respect.

It is well known that each year the team visits various benefit foundations and institutions at Christmas time. However, the charitable activities do not stop at that. Panathinaikos has collaborated with various agencies, including Médecins Sans Frontières (Doctors Without Frontiers), the Hellenic Red Cross, the Hellenic Society for the Protection and Rehabilitation of Children with a Disability (ELEPAP), UNICEF, the Penteli Orphanage, the “MITERA” Orphanage, MARASLEIOS, the “MARGARITA” foundation for people with special needs, the SOS Children’s village, the “Aghia Sophia” Children’s Hospital Oncology unit, various Animal Welfare Unions, penitentiaries, schools, academies, municipalities and municipal sports organizations, while it has also participated in numerous campaigns against substance abuse, and informative campaigns on health-related issues and environmental issues.

The awareness activities of the team know no boundaries; this is why Panathinaikos has implemented 2 corporate social responsibility programs: the “I love Greece”, which concerns activities throughout the entire Greek territory, and the “I love the World”, which concerns activities that take place in the rest of the world.

Here below, you can see a detailed analysis of the various fields of corporate social responsibility programs that Panathinaikos is actively involved in, both within and outside Greek boarders, as well as some of the actions that have been implemented in each field:

  • Participation in the International Energy Day, by symbolically turning off power in all club stores for an hour.
  • International Environment Day. Free distribution of plants and seedlings to all club store customers. Distribution of information leaflets regarding the problems incurred by climate change and ways of dealing with them.
  • Trainings children, ages 15-18 years, to benefit children in sports and social level, and to improve their quality of life
  • Organization of the “G. Kalafatis” school tournament with the participation of junior high schools from the prefecture of Attica
  • Receiving schools and sports academies from all over Greece in the team’s home games.
  • A dispatch of 11.500 basket balls, delivered to sports organizations of all Greek municipalities  
  • Dispatch of gifts and items to 18 cultural institutions of the prefecture of Attica
  • Dispatch of 16 tons of clothing and gifts to indigent families in every Greek prefecture .More than 33,000 items were donated to low-income families. All Greek municipalities and prefecture capitals collaborated with us to geographically cover the entire Greek territory. The total cost of this action exceeded €230,000. 
  • Deployment and implementation of the “One meal per point” project. “One point closer to defeating our opponent as well as malnutrition”. For each point scored by our team during the home games, a meal was delivered to a child in a so-called “third world” country. This activity was implemented in collaboration with the Médecins Sans Frontières.
  • Painting exhibition with topics inspired by the Panathinaikos’ history; part of the revenues from the exhibition were given to M.S.F. for the cause of combating malnutrition.
  • Participation in the “STOHOS” (“TARGET”) program that concerns the fight to prevent breast cancer.
  • Participation in the annual fund-raising held by the Volunteer Rescuers’ department of the Hellenic Red Cross.
  • Distribution of information leaflets to the fans during the World AIDS Day and the World Diabetes Day.
  • Organisation of an event called “PANATHINAIC AUCTION OF LOVE”. Dozens of historical items of the team were auctioned, along with personal items of all Panathinaikos’ departments’ athletes. The amount raised was € 75,000 and was given to the Médecins Sans Frontières with the goal of using it to purchase medical supplies and equipment.
  • Collaboration with the “PAREMVASI” Rehabilitation Center for Individuals with Illegal Substance-Abuse Dependency issues.
  • Participation in and support of the annual basketball game against drugs organized by the American Community School (ACS)
  • Electronic auctioning (e-auction) to the benefit of the areas that suffered from the wild forest fires in the Prefecture of Ilia.
  • Collaboration in UNICEF programs
  • Support to the Greek delegation of the Special Olympics in collaboration with EUROLEAGUE
  • Visits and donations, as well as hospitality events to foundations for People with Special Needs, orphanages, hospitals, Homes for the Elderly (known in Greek as KAPI), etc.
... Panathinaikos became the only team in the history of European basketball who wins titles in 24 consecutive years?