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The sixth player

The management, the coach, the players, the staff… All these elements have helped Panathinaikos soar high, reach the top, remain there, and be considered the best team in Europe. But there is also another important element added to those; an extra ingredient that has turned success into a one-way street in this team:  its fans!

Panathinaikos’ fans have also earned their credentials throughout Europe. They too have started off from their seats and climbed and conquered tops of their own. From Kallimarmaron Stadium, to the ‘Hindu’s tomb’, to the Glyfada or the Patissia indoors arenas, all the way to the OAKA indoors arena, and from there on to every corner in Europe, they are always there to support the team. Be it Tel Aviv, Zaragoza, Paris, Moscow, Thessaloniki, Berlin, or even Roanne, Zagreb, Bamberg or Milan…Panathinaikos never plays alone. There will always be green scarves making their presence felt in the tiers to support the team; and they will keep making the foreigners who come to the OAKA turn their handhelds from the court to the tiers in order to take pictures of the “clover” fans …because they, too, are unique…  

…In 2014 Tyrese Rice won the Euroleague with Maccabi Tel Aviv and he was named the EuroLeague Final Four MVP.