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1996 Intercontinental Cup

In 1996 Panathinaikos won a different Triple Crown consisting of the European Championship, the Greek Cup and the Intercontinental Cup. This was the first – but certainly not the last – time that the clover fans would feel proud of this team that would call them to celebrate for and with it not just once, but three times in the same year.

Winning the 1996 European Championship in the Palais de Bercy in Paris opened the door to the idea of a Intercontinental title. Five months after the Paris triumph the “Greens” faced the South American champions Olimpia Venado Tuerto from Argentina. In the first game Panathinaikos lost 89-83, but in the next two games hosted in Athens, the “Greens” got the wins they needed by beating their opponents 83-78 and 101-76, thus conquering the Intercontinental Cup. This is a title that only 13 teams have won throughout its history with Real Madrid topping the list with four trophies.