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1961 – Greek Champion

In 1961 the team returned to the titles. In the local championship Panathinaikos ranked second (with AEK celebrating the title and the “Greens” counting with 15 wins and 3 losses), but won the Greek Championship title with a 6-1 run (447-388). There was stiff competition with three teams tying at the top: Panathinaikos, Sporting and Iraklis. The playoff games to determine the champion were set to take place in Athens. Iraklis refused to compete. On September 11, Panathinaikos defeated Sporting in the Panellinios home arena by 57-52 (29-20 during halftime) and won the title.

The lineup of the championship team: P. Koukopoulos, Makridis, G. Liamis, P. Panagiotarakos, G. Zannos, Mandilaris, K. Politis, Koutsoukos, T. Papakonstantopoulos, Nakios, Katsikidis, Sitzakis, Dedes.