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1998 – Greek Champion

After a long “dry spell” as far as the Greek championship is concerned, and having in the meantime won the European championship (1996) Panathinaikos returned to the top of basketball within the Greek borders. The “Greens” ranked at the top during the regular season (21-5, 2004-1658), eliminated Iraklio (85-56, 63-73, 74-52) and AEK (67-57, 56-65, 51-47) during the first two playoff rounds to get all the way to the final. There, they faced PAOK and won the title by 68-58 in the final game held in the OAKA indoor arena (63-55, 58-73, 55-48, 57-64, 68-58). This was the 20th championship under Panathinaikos’ belt and practically the first step of a steady course that led to the current empire and the success years. Dino Radja and Fragiskos Alvertis were named to the Greek Championships First Team, while Lefteris Subotic was named Coach of the Year.

The lineup of the championship team: Alvertis, Ekonomou, Christodoulou, Kalaitzis, Patavoukas, Radja, Scott, Patavoukas, Hupmann, Martínez, Koch, Vourtzoumis, Branch, Fotsis. Coach: L. Subotic