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2001 – Greek Champion

The top of the regular season belong to Panathinaikos again. With a 22-4 run (2173-1855), it left its opponents lagging far behind, and went to the playoffs round with a home advantage that it made the most of all the way to the final and celebrated yet another title. During the playoffs semifinals it eliminated AEK (84-80, 82-74) and in the finals it downed Olympiakos with 3-2 victories (83-70, 84-88, 73-57, 74-80, 79-63). Dejan Bodiroga and Zeljko Rebraca were named in the Greek Championship First Team, and Antonis Fotsis was voted Best Young Player of the championship.

The lineup of the championship team: Alvertis, Kalaitzis, Koch, Rogers, Fotsis, Gentile, Bodiroga, Middleton, Rebraca, Burke, Rodostoglou, Balogiannis, Glyniadakis, Katash. Coach: Zeljko Obradovic