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2004 – Greek Champion

The “Greens” dominated the season with a power showdown mainly during the playoffs round, by defeating Maroussi in the finals with a 3-0 run and having earlier (in the first round) defeated Olympiakos with a 2-0 run! Zeljko Obradovic’s team ranked at the top spot in the regular season with 22 wins-4 losses. In the first round of the playoffs it made sure to quickly finish off Olympiakos (2-0, 79-76, 68-63). Then followed Iraklis (61-57, 55-73, 68-47) before it was… high time for the finals, with “the clover” emphatically prevailing over Maroussi by 3-0 (101-71, 74-85, 77-66). Overall, Panathinaikos finished the season with a 29-5 run. Kostas Tsartsaris was named in the Greek Championship First Team.

The lineup of the championship team: Alvertis, Kalaitzis, Papanikolaou, Lakovic, Batiste, Maslarinos, Chatzivrettas, Middleton, Tsartsaris, Gagaloudis, McDonald, Sakota, Kouvaris, Jones. Coach: Zeljko Obradovic