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2007 – Greek Champion

Even before the last competition date of the regular season, Panathinaikos had already clinched the top spot in the ranking, with only two losses. In the playoffs, it only got a taste of defeat in the finals, but it wasn’t enough for it to lose the title. In the first round of the playoffs the “Greens” eliminated Maroussi with a 2-0 victory run (66-58, 73-70 away), followed by Panionios with a 3-0 run (85-77, 69-65 away, 85-67), In the finals, it was Olympiakos’ turn to lose with Panathinaikos prevailing with a 3-2 victory-run 3-2 νίκες (79-72,72-76, 86-85, 68-78, 89-76) and grabbing this title too, with a total 32-4 run. Diamantidis, Batiste and Siskauskas were named to the Greek Championship First Team, Zeljko Obradovic was voted Coach of the Year, and Dimitris Diamantidis won the Greek Championship MVP award in a year that was exclusively painted in green. Let us not forget that 2007 was the year that Panathinaikos won its first Triple Crown.

The lineup of the championship team: Alvertis, Ντελκ, Papanikolaou, Becirovic, Batiste, Siskauskas, Chatzivrettas, Dikoudis, Tsartsaris, Diamantidis, Sakota, Tomasevic, Vujanic, Xanthopoulos, Javtokas. Coach: Zeljko Obradovic